What level of technical service is provided for the Atomstack Laser Machine

Atomstack Laser Machine

Laser cutting and engraving machines are expensive pieces of equipment that require high-end sensors, circuits, frames, enclosures, and key locks to ensure safety. In addition, they use powerful lasers that can cause burns, fires, and smoke. These machines should only be operated by people who are experienced in working with them and have the proper tools. They also need to be set up and operated in a clean environment with the right humidity levels.

Atomstack Laser machine has built a machine that addresses these concerns by combining a powerful diode laser with a robust frame and enclosure. It can handle a variety of materials, and its large work area allows users to create big designs quickly. This is a good choice for small businesses that need to produce a lot of products in a short time.

The Atomstack X7 Pro can engrave and cut most common materials including wood, paper, leather, foam, non-woven fabrics, and coated metals. It also can etch glass, acrylic, and stone. The machine can also cut wood with a depth of up to 20 mm.

What level of technical service is provided for the Atomstack Laser Machine

This model has a 20W diode laser that produces up to 130W of optical power. It has a quadruple lens system that compresses the beam spot size, making it easier to engrave. The result is a more focused, clearer image. It can also engrave on transparent materials with higher contrast than traditional machines.

It uses a 32-bit motherboard, which makes it faster than previous models. This increases the speed of the z-axis and reduces the time it takes to make cuts. Its new air assist system is also more effective than other models. It can reduce smoke and combustion fumes while preventing them from clogging the laser head.

One thing to note is that the focusing procedure requires putting an acrylic shim 2mm thick under the laser head and tightening the z axis screws with a hex key. This keeps the head 2mm above the engraving surface and can help prevent burning and etching the bottom of the workpiece.

I tested the X7 Pro with a photo and vectors. It engraved the photo well, although it looks less detailed than the Sculpfun S6 Pro. It did not do as well with the vector images, but this is to be expected because of the larger spot size.

The X7 Pro is easy to set up and has a good manual with step-by-step instructions. It is also easy to install the software needed for GRBL programming and operation. It can be used with various software programs, including LightBurn, LaserGRBL, Benbox, and GrblController.

The Atomstack X7 Pro has an excellent design with an attractive appearance and easy-to-use controls. The touchscreen controller is easy to navigate and has a quicksave button that allows you to save Gcode files directly to the SD card. You can also connect it to a PC to program the GRBL with a free software package called LaserGRBL. It works with Windows and Mac operating systems.