What is the Role of the Court in Wildfire Cases?

Role of the Court in Wildfire Cases

The horrific Maui wildfires that swept through the area on August 8th left more than just homes, businesses and structures in ruins; they also sparked a flurry of legal activity. Whether it’s a lawsuit filed against the local electric company or a debate over who should pay for the massive environmental and economic costs of the disaster, there are many issues at play that will be decided by the courts in the weeks and months ahead.

The County of Maui has already filed its own civil lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric claiming that the utility company contributed directly to the fires by failing to shut off power in areas prone to high winds on the day the fire started. It also claims that Hawaiian Electric neglected safety maintenance and upgrades to save money. These accusations are eerily similar to the allegations levelled against PG&E in California after their negligence and cost-cutting caused a series of wildfires that devastated that state.

Maui fire lawyers specializing in class action suits have already set up shop on the island, investigating potential liability and enlisting clients to take their case to court. Firms such as Watts Guerra and Singleton Schreiber have sent investigators to Hawaii to review witness accounts of downed power lines sparking the fires. To be successful, attorneys will need to prove that the fires were caused by Hawaiian Electric’s negligence; a higher standard than in California where utilities had to prove they could have reasonably prevented a fire.

What is the Role of the Court in Wildfire Cases?

Maui’s renowned trial lawyers are gearing up for what is sure to be a long, drawn out judicial process. They will have to contend with the fact that a lawsuit against a publicly-owned company like Hawaiian Electric will likely draw attention from state and national news outlets, and potentially affect public perception of both the court system and the plaintiffs’ attorneys. This will present challenges for local counsel, especially if the case is successful and leads to significant awards or settlements.

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While it is important to bring these cases to court, the legal proceedings may end up drawing on a lot of Maui’s resources as well. The costs of defending the case, paying compensation to victims and addressing the aftermath of the calamity are all factors that will have a direct impact on the lives of residents on both sides of the courtroom.

The Maui fire lawyers at ZeroRisk Cases are committed to helping victims through this difficult time and donating a portion of their proceeds towards local organizations that have been organized to support those affected by the wildfires. They believe that the best way to ensure that their clients receive the full justice they deserve is by bringing the matter to court in an expedient manner so that the process does not drag on and further strain community resources. They have also established a special fund to help families with their expenses. For more information about this special program, please contact their office today.