Pranayama Teaching Online: Deepening Breath Awareness

Pranayama Teaching Online

Traditionally known as yoga breathing exercises or breath work, pranayama is a deepening of breath awareness and a set of practices designed to cultivate mindfulness in the body and mind. During this premium training, you’ll dive into the yogic philosophy behind Pranayama and learn how to teach breath work to your students.

This training is open to anyone with an enthusiastic interest in yogic breathwork techniques and requires no previous experience. However, it is important to have a strong personal practice of your own so you can understand how these practices can support your students’ own physical and mental health. The course is delivered online, so you can study on your own timetable from anywhere in the world. You’ll also have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit the teachings whenever you wish.

The word Pranayama Teacher Training Online means “to control the life force” in Sanskrit, and it is a powerful tool for cultivating a deeper connection with your spiritual self. It is through our breath that we can harness the power of prana, the life force energy within us, and through it, become more present in our lives. Throughout this training, you’ll explore different forms of breath work that will help you find your own unique approach to breathing deeply and consciously.

Pranayama Teaching Online: Deepening Breath Awareness

During this online training, you’ll dive into the many benefits of controlled breathing and gain a thorough understanding of how to integrate Pranayama into your yoga classes. You’ll also learn the intricacies of various breathing techniques, from the basics to advanced pranayama practices. You’ll also learn how these techniques can benefit your students physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A few of the techniques you’ll practice include Sit Cari Pranayama (Hissing Breath), Shitali Pranayama (Cooling Breath), Chandra Bhedana Pranayama (Left Nostril Breathing), and Surya Bhedana Pranayama (Right Nostril Breathing). In addition to enhancing physical health, these breathing exercises can also reduce stress and improve mental clarity. They can strengthen the lungs and heart, energize every cell in the body, and promote overall physical well-being.

As with any other yoga practices, it’s best to learn and practice these breathing techniques under the guidance of a certified instructor to ensure proper technique and safety. These techniques may not be appropriate for people with high blood pressure or a history of cardiovascular problems. They should also be avoided by pregnant women and anyone with glaucoma or other eye conditions. In addition, they should not be done if you have a serious case of asthma. Practicing these breathing techniques too often can cause dizziness and nausea, so be sure to take frequent breaks during your sessions. The training will teach you how to use these practices safely so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this potent form of yogic breathwork.