Diet to lose weight fast: a proven way that works

Dieting to lose weight quickly can be very frustrating if you lose weight and then gain it back. Unfortunately that is the normal result of diets. But it does not have to be like that. Why not use a simple and effective eating plan as a great start to real and lasting weight loss? Many long-term weight loss plans will only help you lose about a pound a week. That’s so slow it’s hard not to give up.

Why not start with a quick weight loss and then you can switch to a long term plan? Whenever you get discouraged, go back to the quick loss plan for a few days. That way you can get some quick results while sticking to your great plan for the long haul. This will surely lead you to success in your fitness and weight loss goals.

There are many diet ideas to lose weight fast. An example is the cabbage soup diet plan. Don’t worry, it’s not just cabbage soup. Cabbage soup is just to fill you up and fight hunger. The diet actually includes a lot of foods, but you only eat them on certain days and in certain combinations.

Here is the basic idea.

Day 1 – All the fruit you want except bananas.

Day 2 – All the vegetables you want. no fruit

Day 3 – All the soup, fruits and vegetables you want, but no baked potatoes today!

Day 4 – Up to eight bananas plus skim milk.

Day 5: Ten to twenty ounces of chicken or beef and up to six fresh tomatoes.

Day 6 – All the meat and vegetables you want on this day.

Day 7 – Brown rice plus unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices.

Dieting to lose weight quickly may be your goal for a number of reasons, but one good reason is as a way to get some quick results so you know weight loss is possible for you. You can lose weight with a good simple plan.