World of Warcraft Zygor 1-80 Leveling Guide – Fastest Level


By far the most recognized leveling guide for World of Warcraft on the market today. Zygors guide isn’t just a downloadable or pocket version that you have to constantly minimize out of game or change your focus. This guide is an in-game map plugin that is functional and integrates very well into the UI. This addon provides the fastest path to maximize the time you spend leveling up by taking the shortest paths to the most Xp profitable missions in the game. This guide will take away the need to use websites like thottbot or wowdb.


This guide comes with great reviews from established websites and players from all over the internet. The waypoint arrows are on the money each time and if for some reason you have difficulty finding the exact location, there is a detailed description to find your destination in the additional memory.

patch updates

Since Wrath of the Lich King, the Zygors guide has been updated to reflect any new content added to the game. In fact, this guide tends to be updated on patch day and is guaranteed free updates for the life of the game.

Extras and Bonuses

In addition to receiving the Zygors leveling guide, you will also receive.

Talent Creation Guide- A complete walkthrough on where to put your stats and how to optimize your talent is based on your character.

Log Leveling Guide- A complete tutorial for the masses of players who have decided to use the new profession introduced in Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK)

Deathnight Class Bonus Guide- With the release of the new Death Knight class, many players have started playing with new characters and Zygor has created a detailed guide specifically for them, as their starting attributes come with a completely different spin on gameplay. Complete with spell rotations, macros, and the best gear to acquire as you level up.

Nether Drake Bonus- Why do we all love the cool features of World of Warcraft, of course, and one of the most coveted items to have in WoW is an awesome Drake? Zygors guide will also give you a free tutorial on how to get an awesome mount, the Netherdrake.

Rating: 10/10 Price: $50