Sacred House Yoga Shrine

I open the great doors of Haveli to the gallery that leads into the lush gardens where a magnificent sculpture of the Buddha resides in natural pink sandstone, sitting with the bowl, on the ground playing mudra. The Maharaja elephant, lavishly carved from black granite with its trunk upturned, brings the grandeur of the old days. Surrounded by old oaks and birds of paradise this is the view from my yoga room at home, my sacred space and sanctuary where I do my daily practice. Calm and peaceful, I accept the goodness of Mother Earth and offer her my devotion.

My yoga room houses my beautiful altar, made from an old Indian window, where I practice meditation and align my chakras. The hand-carved deities of the Vedic traditions have great energies. My altar has Sri yantra and Shiva, the mystical dancer, and Hanuman, the Rudra avatar of Shiva, known for his healing powers and pure devotion. Ganesha and Lakshmi sit on their crystals and resonate with my daily intention. The images of my mom and dad and the sacred text of the Bhagwad Gita guide me to follow the right path.

Mala lapis lazuli beads strung with rudraksha, hand-knotted with cotton tassels, adorn Shiva and the quartz crystal mala is synchronized with the Sri yantra. Ganesha loves red and rules the root chakra, mala coral pearls connect me to the earth as I sit in my asana of energy and love. I decorate the altar with candles and incense and fresh flowers, bringing new energy and love to my home and heart. Altars are divine centers for yoga or meditation and energize the space around them, raising the resonance of your soul.

Your altar is a manifestation of your inner spirit, an expression of your soul and how you identify with the world. Old world artistic elements such as ancient arches recessed into the wall create a beautiful backdrop for my yoga sanctuary. The light and airy saree curtains billow in the wind and the handmade cotton blankets on the floor are perfect for sitting on. It is my place of comfort where I come to revitalize my spiritual energy. The energy grows and multiplies with each mantra and is reflected in me. It is a beautiful place to meditate and seek inspiration, connect with the universe, and grow with the seasons.

The carved barn doors of Saraswati and Vishnu, whitewashed with subtle hues of color seeping in, are a divine joy to behold. I used them as doors to my yoga sanctuary. Old timbers are so grounded and grounded and just seeing the ancient carvings brings me to the pure bliss of divine bliss.