Extra Large Dog Houses – The Bull Mastiff

It is not surprising at all, given the size and strength of the Bull Mastiff breed, that they were originally bred in the mid-19th century in England to protect large estates against theft. They were trained to hunt down and catch poachers without injuring them by maiming them. Faster and somewhat more aggressive than a mastiff, although larger, but not as aggressive as a bulldog, was the target.

Surprisingly, this large dog doesn’t necessarily require a lot of exercise. They are strong, silent (they bark very little), they do not require much care, intelligent and of a very good character. These gentle giants make great family pets. They do very well in a house, even an apartment. As long as the dog is aware of its strength and size and does not move like a bull in a china shop, it can be a great choice for any home. It’s like having a built-in security system too, most tip the scales over 100 pounds and can reach as high as 130. With this powerful dog staring at an intruder, he will look quite intimidating.

To make sure your dog has a safe place, and your place is safe, you may want to look for an extra large dog house specifically for the mastiff or bull mastiff. Homes that are ideal give your dog adequate space to go inside, turn around, and lie down. Keep in mind that their heads and chests will be considerably larger than other large breeds and to be comfortable they can come in and relax once inside, they need that extra large space. They also need to be of solid construction to stand up to the elements, rain, snow, sleet, long-term sun exposure, and of course a 130-pound dog.

Investing in a well-built oversized doghouse for your Havanese will give him or her a place to rest, enjoy the weather and the great outdoors, keep an eye on your home and also give him or her a break indoors from the great suction. You know your dog is safe, happy and comfortable as you sit and visit without having to share the couch with Goliath hogging all the space. See it as an investment in everyone’s need for personal space at times.