Does your little girl need a doll to learn to go to the bathroom?

There are few things more frustrating in the world of parenting than the process of potty training a child. Trying to make a child understand the urge to use the bathroom and associate it with going to the bathroom can be a very irritating and challenging experience for a parent. Some kids are just too focused on whatever they’re doing to pay attention. Others just don’t care.

Before the invention of the potty training doll, parents simply had to do it on their own. With some boys it seems that no amount of pretty panties or even punishment in the corner would help. Now these kinds of dolls can help parents send the message to their little ones that using the bathroom is cool!

The Little Mommy Gotta Go doll is truly one of a kind. This doll is a blessing for parents who have passed the point of frustration when trying to get their child to understand the process. Little girls love to play mother to their dolls. They like to act like adults and this doll gives them the opportunity to do so. Mattel makes this popular potty training doll.

First, he talks, moves and even asks for help like a real child. Her daughter will enjoy all the fun of playing mommy while she learns about the bathroom at the same time. The doll comes dressed in her own t-shirt and a pair of “big girl” panties.

She has movable arms and legs, as well as curly pigtails that can be styled. It has all the necessary bathroom accessories, such as toilet, sink, towel, cup, soap dispenser, toothbrush, toothpaste tube and two bathroom shelves, so not only It’s a great potty training doll, but it can also help your little girl brush. his teeth.

She says all sorts of different things like “Mommy, I love you” and “Time to brush my teeth!” The main feature, of course, has to do with the use of the bathroom. You can sit on the toilet and it will sound like you are leaving. She will talk about the process and hum a little tune before leaving.

She will say all kinds of cute and funny phrases. The “water” in the toilet disappears and her son can even flush the chain. This potty training doll teaches lots of great things, including hand washing. It even goes into sleep mode like a real baby!