15 makeup mistakes you may be making every day

When it comes to makeup and beauty, the mistakes you make can affect your appearance. Remember that first impressions are everything. Therefore, it is very important to look beautiful, even fabulous, before leaving home. There are several mistakes that we end up making, even without having the slightest idea that we are doing it wrong. For example, having a brush that covers all your makeup needs. Too much bronze, the wrong foundation, and makeup blends badly. We are all guilty of a lot of these, so to avoid the embarrassment of walking like a clown, here are 15 mistakes you may be making and how to correct them.

1. Apply makeup to dry skin

This is one of the most common mistakes. Applying makeup to dry skin can affect your face, causing dryness and flaking. You can prevent dryness and flaking by exfoliating your skin once a week or finding alternative ways, like hydrating and cleansing, to get rid of dead skin cells. When your face is already wet, you can go ahead and apply your makeup. The results will be amazing. Never, ever, apply makeup to a dry face without moisturizing first.

2. Wrong base

This is the worst mistake. We tend to forget that foundation comes in a wide range of different shades. We have all been there where we choose the wrong foundation that is not suitable for our face. To make sure you don’t end up looking like a clown, make sure you choose the right foundation. Go to a store that sells beauty products and look for two different shades that are close to your skin tone; then look at the foundation on the jawline side to see which foundation suits your skin.

3. Overdoing the bronzer

Going to the extreme with suntan lotion is also one of the worst mistakes you can make. Bronzer only adds warmth to your complexion. Too much suntan makes you look muddy or burned, so you don’t want to look like someone who just swam in mud. You only apply Bronzer in places where the sun hits you; places like the forehead and nose. Do not forget to apply it to the neck as well.

4. Dirty makeup brushes

We are all guilty of this negligence. Most women make this mistake when putting on makeup, using dirty sponges and brushes. Dirty brushes and sponges cause breakage. Applying makeup with the same brush results in uneven makeup application. To make sure your brushes and sponges are free of dirt and bacteria, wash them with a mild shampoo and warm water at least once a week.

5. Applying too much makeup

This phrase is a cliché but very important: “less is more”. Why is this? It’s because too much makeup can make you look very old. The only time you should apply too much makeup is if you have severe acne, so avoid putting too much foundation instead. Instead, use a single coat of concealer and foundation to cover minor blemishes.

6. Buying makeup without trying

You’re in a rush to get home, so you stop by the store, grab your makeup, and leave. This is not a good idea. Do you remember how you try on clothes before buying? The same applies to makeup. You have to try your makeup because it is important. When makeup comes into contact with air, it changes color and texture due to oxidation.

7. Make-up test on wrong areas

You are probably doing this right now and this is wrong too. We normally test foundation and lipstick on the back of our hands, but this will not give accurate results. To find out if a foundation is the right shade for you, place it on your jawline. For lipstick, you can apply it to your lips or fingers.

8. Do not use primer

An important stage that we ignore. This is the most important stage of makeup application because a primer ensures that makeup glides on easily and helps makeup stay on longer without fading.

9. Stick to a single product

We all have that makeup product that we love so much and we can’t live without using it. This habit is very dangerous because you probably miss trying new and different products.

10. Apply powder in the wrong places

Sometimes we powder our entire face and that is not necessary. The correct way to use the powder is by applying it to the face in the parts that tend to be oily. Use a large powder brush on the powder and brush off excess; then gently rub on your face.

11. Use the same product throughout the year

We often forget that as the seasons change, skin changes too. So what worked for you last season may not work this season. Primer that worked well for you in the summer may tend to be too dry for your skin in the winter. It is advisable to change your makeup product according to the season.

12. Applying the wrong shade of blush

This mistake is widely made. When applying blush, you should choose the shade that matches your natural blush. If you wear a bold lip color, make sure the blush is a shade lighter.

13. Do not apply eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes.

Avoid making this mistake. Remember that the placement of the eyeliner is as important as the color. You should take note of the shape of your eyes. When your eyes are close together, the thickest part of the eyeliner should be at the outer corner of the eye, as this will make the eye appear larger.

14. Excessive filling of eyebrows

For perfect brows, avoid excessive filling. Because when you overfill, or use a shade that is too dark to fill in the brows, then they will look very heavy and intense. Perfect eyebrows give your face that amazing look.

15. Apply light concealer

There is a myth that when looking for a concealer you should choose one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is wrong and it is a big mistake. You should apply a concealer that suits your skin tone.

If you keep all of the above in mind, you will likely look perfect by avoiding all of the above mistakes. The previous article will be very useful for this purpose.