Why should you choose Virgin Media?

It’s a great time to be a viewer in the UK. Between Freeview (not to mention its + and HD variants), BT, YouView, Sky, EE TV and NOW TV, there are more than enough options to keep you entertained from the comfort of your own home. However, there is one final option that I did not include above, and that is Virgin Media.

As the UK’s second largest pay-TV operator, it’s tasked with keeping Sky on its toes and improving its service to the point where Sky is no longer the first choice for those looking for excellent home entertainment. It’s not just television that these two companies offer either, because both also offer broadband and residential telephony. In a nutshell, they are quite similar, so why should you choose Virgin Media?

Let’s start with your television offer. Virgin Media’s TV is powered by TiVo, a Sky+-like box that lets you record and manipulate live TV from the comfort of your sofa. With a 500GB hard drive (enough for 500 hours of TV) and three tuners, it allows for clever tricks like recording three shows simultaneously while watching a fourth you recorded earlier. It also has some features that just can’t be found on Sky’s service, like Netflix, YouTube and iPlayer built in, not to mention a dedicated 10Mbps internet connection, so your normal internet isn’t slowed down by your TV viewing. .

Through that box, you can get access to over 230 channels, 47 HD channels, 12 Sky-only channels, and even some 3D programming. There are five packages to choose from, from the basic ‘More TV’ package with 70 channels to the full ‘TV XL’ package which also features BT Sport HD. Even better, you can also take Sky Sports and Sky Movies on your Virgin Media subscription, so you don’t feel the pain of not being with Sky. In fact, the only channel you stand to lose if you switch to Virgin Media is Sky Atlantic, which hosts shows like Game of Thrones, The Last Panthers and more. However, if the thought of missing out is too much, you can always subscribe to NOW TV.

Moving on to Virgin Media’s broadband offering, we can really start to see the light between the two companies. Simply put, Virgin Media has the best broadband deal in the whole country, with even their most basic deal beating Sky’s most expensive deal. From its Super 50 Fiber with 50 Mbps broadband to its VIVID 200 Fiber with 200 Mbps broadband, the company delivers ultra-fast, stable broadband to large swathes of the country. Plus, they never throttle or throttle your bandwidth usage, so you can stream as much Netflix 4K as your heart desires without fear of running into arbitrary throttling.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to sign up with Virgin Media, though, is their quad-play offerings. Because Virgin Media offers television, broadband, home and mobile phone contracts, they are the preferred destination for millions of Britons who don’t want to spend their lives dealing with bills from different companies. Those quad game deals are also some of the cheapest, making them a very attractive proposition for just about anyone, as long as they’re not in the middle of a contract with another company.

Virgin Media, then, offers a TV package that is comparable to what Sky offers, broadband that amazes everyone else, and quadruple offers that no other company can match. So, what are you waiting for?