The new shape of the iPhone 5

Apple has created a completely new look for the iPhone 5 and its design is expected to surprise everyone. This new iPhone 5 design would be impressive enough to captivate everyone’s eyes. There are many factors that will describe the new look of the iPhone 5 and this kind of change is expected to take the technical world to a different level. It would be completely different from all the other models that are available today. Let’s look at some of the basic changes that would be made to this Apple iPhone 5.

New shape and design features

This new shape and form of the iPhone 5 would be a different form factor with a whole new and exciting look. The external design will be completely redesigned and many of the designers have begun to imagine what the new fifth generation iPhone would look like. It would really be something like something out of the box that will take everyone away with just the first glance. The iPhone 5 would change the rules of the game that would lead the world to its own efforts. Although the exterior design is expected not to change much and its materials are the same, I would choose not to say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This new iPhone 5 is expected to be a touch screen with a larger screen. In fact, it would be very similar to the big screen of Android. It would have a trailing edge screen. It would not have any plastic cover or bezel on the outside. Apple is trying to evolve both the iPad and iPhone into a single iPhone 5. So it would be fascinating to consider its design. It would be a mobile phone with design functionality similar to an ipad. Without a doubt, it will be a great experience to see this new design. It would surely be larger than the current iPhone and would give a look of elegance and executive form.

IPhone 5 launch

Not much is known about the launch of the iPhone 5. However, with things that went wrong with the iPhone 4, it has been speculated that the market will soon see the fifth-generation iPhone. However, it requires a lot of things to handle on it. Not only the features, but also the look should be something that customers are interested in buying this new version. This new iPhone 5 would be a more screen-oriented phone that will help make everything else easier.

The iPhone 5 will stay in style

With the participation of great designers, the iPhone 5 is expected to always be stylish and iconic in its own right. It will give you the complete look and feel of the mobile phone in your hand and feel the VIP personality when you handle the phone. The build and design would be great with the fifth-generation iPhone hitting the market soon. You will be away from all sorts of problems that existed in the iPhone 4 and you will get into the side of more features to be customer friendly.