The benefits of having a relationship with God

Having a closer relationship with God will take you to greater heights. You will have no limits. Heaven will be your start. Just as God told Abraham in Biblical days to “look up to the stars…I will make your children like the stars.” In that meeting God revealed the “GREAT STATE” of him. God wants you to achieve the best. He wants you to see the star in yourself. When God looks at you he tells you what a star you are, but you limit yourself and mediocrity enters. He sees the seeds of greatness that he planted in you.

God says that everything is possible for the one who believes; he wants you to consistently operate in that realm all the time. God told Gideon that he is a mighty warrior who will deliver Israel from the hand of the Midianites; but that brought laughter to him, who saw the opposite. Gideon looked to the background of his family and his tribe to judge his destiny. God does not want you to use your background: academic, family, tribe, job, residence, etc., to judge your destiny. When we discover our own limitations we become eligible to discover God’s sufficiency. In a world where people seem to lack commitment and are so easily distracted; it is comforting to know that God will not give up on you. God is looking for his children who will worship him in truth and in spirit. He is happy when we try as much as possible to be closer to him. He appreciates it because he knows that with our strength we will do nothing.

Through the dimension of God, man releases his potentialities. You may not have gone to school or had the best education, with God’s help you can be everything you ever wanted in life. Education began when Adam and Eve sinned. God created man in such a way that he will be governed by his spirit. His spirit always received information from God. Adam’s spirit constantly gave information to his soul. When he sinned, God severed that bond. Man began to depend on the senses. In order for man to get adequate information from his senses, he has to investigate. This is how universities, polytechnics and all kinds of schools arose. But with the death of Christ, man was reconciled to God. Through that reconciliation the man could obtain information from his spirit. The Holy Spirit is everywhere at the same time, and you can access the vast knowledge of him by submitting to God.