Slim Fast Diet Plan – Lose 1-1.5 kg every day

The Slim Fast diet plan will help you lose 1-1.5 kg per day. You can apply this diet plan for about a week; after that, you must have a minimum break of one week. Following the Slim Fast diet plan, you will not feel hungry, since it contains saturated products.
You have 4 different options for each meal, you just need to choose one.

Basic rules for the fast and slim diet plan:

Drink as much mineral (still) water as you can, but a skim milk for your tea or coffee should not exceed 250 ml.

Before each meal, try to eat a large portion of salad: prepare it with celery, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, apple slices, bell peppers, beans, tomatoes and corn kernels with a tablespoon of yogurt, lemon juice, vinegar and spices .

Do not forget to choose only one option for your slim fast diet plan.

1. a slice of black bread with margarine, a banana, an apple, grapes;
2. a boiled egg, a slice of black bread, a glass of plain yogurt;
3. two slices of black bread, a small banana, a teaspoon of honey;
4. Two dry wheat cakes, a glass of milk or orange juice without sugar, one apple.

200 g of boiled potatoes and eat it with one of the following additions:

1. a small portion of cabbage;
2. 100 grams of cottage cheese;
3. 50 g of skinless chicken or ham;
4. Two tablespoons of cooked beans.

100 g of noodles with one of the following additions:

1. 100 g shrimp with tomato and garlic;
2. 50 g cooked skinless chicken in mushroom sauce with lemon juice;
3. 50 g of ham with tomato and garlic.
4. 200 g of any steamed or grilled fish (without sauce), 125 g of boiled potatoes and a large portion of green salad.

a banana or two small apples.

Snacks during the day:

1. a large glass of dry wine and a small cookie;
2. a small banana and a pear;
3. two slices of black bread with salad;
4. a small bar “Mars” or “Sinkers”.