Numbers in Feng Shui and the Lucky Number 8

There has been a lot of discussion about feng shui with the Beijing Olympics, and in particular the symbolism and meaning of numbers. It was interesting to hear Western broadcasters repeatedly refer to the lucky number “8”. So let’s talk about the number 8 in feng shui terms. Currently, we are in what is called a period 8 cycle.

Cycles in feng shui last for 20 years, and the period 8 cycle began in 2004. The number 8 is associated with the mountain of the northeast, the earth element, and the vital aspiration of knowledge. We are careful not to place a water feature in the northeast area of ​​the house or property during period 8 because the water element competes with the earth element and in feng shui we seek to harmonize the elements. The numbers 1 through 9 are associated with compass directions and their corresponding elements (fire, wood, earth, metal, and water) plus the center of the house.

Because we are in period 8, the numbers 9 and 1 also have rising energy. One aspect of evaluating feng shui is analyzing the numbers in each area of ​​the home and harmonizing the elements associated with them. For example, let’s say the bedroom has a 3/8 combination. 3 = wood and 8 = earth; wood controls earth. In this 3/8 combination, the 8 is in the wealth/career position and can be interpreted as 3 woods controlling or dominating the wealth/career energy of 8 lands in the bedroom. As a consultant I would recommend to my client to place a red accent (perhaps a red candle) in this area of ​​the house. The red candle or red accent serves to burn wood 3 and add to earth 8 alleviating the dominant cycle of the elements and freeing up the wealth/career position of earth 8.

This is a feng shui factor that I always refer to when I am in consultation. What is the combination of numbers based on? It is based on the year the house was built and the compass direction. There are step-by-step instructions on how to take a compass reading on my website (see Feng Shui Compass Instructions). These are considered the “permanent” numbers and are part of the home’s energy matrix. If you can provide me with the compass reading according to the instructions given and the year of construction, I will send you a 1-page Custom Report recommending which items will harmonize the number combinations in the 8 plus center areas of your home. The cost is $10.00.

To summarize, the lucky number 8 that is featured prominently in the mainstream media is associated with the present 20-year cycle, known in feng shui circles as Period 8. The northeastern part of the house is where the 8 mountain resides and your feng shui placement should include art objects and accents that are gold. The idea is that you are unlocking the gold of the mountain! It has been a challenging financial year for many people, particularly in the housing market, but I must say that by paying attention to the basics of feng shui, you can add to your own stability and support. Many of the powerful things in life are subtle.