Light up your life

A house or any particular room can be carefully planned, well thought out, and perfectly executed, but without proper lighting it never comes to life. A perfect example is a tiled backsplash in a kitchen. Without something nice under the cabinet
lighting to show it off never reaches its developer potential.

As you plan each room, there are three basic ways of lighting. General lighting: which is the light you need in a room to function. A means of safely navigating the room
the darkness of the night. Accent Lighting – Light that highlights a particular item or items of importance to you or the design of the room. Work lighting: light that does a job
related to a particular task or area where the work is performed.

A kitchen benefits the most from all three forms of lighting in most cases. Recessed lighting combined with a pendant or two and possibly a ceiling fan can provide the general lighting. Under cabinet lighting has two functions. Acts as task lighting
to work on the countertop, as well as accent lighting to highlight that beautiful countertop and dashboard. Additional accent lighting can be added to glass cabinets, really bringing them to life. In some cases where the crown molding is
Installed and there is space above the cove lighting can create a wonderful effect and atmosphere in a room.

In a living room, a pair of well-placed wallwashers can turn an ordinary-looking fireplace wall into a work of art. Perhaps you are planning on a wall to display photos or a collection of art posters. Wouldn’t it be nice to independently light that up and show it off? Along with lighting, how they are changed is almost as important. Missing a room with 9 recessed lights that turn on all at once

In any room, by breaking down the lights that are changed into sections or patterns and through the use of dimmers, a room can take on many personalities and moods. When considering switches, it is also important to consider the flow of traffic through the
home. There’s nothing worse than a setup where you have to go back and turn off a light only to continue in the dark. With proper planning and use of 3- and 4-way switches, the home can be much easier to use.

(c) Copyright 2005 Paul Forte. All rights reserved.