Judo and Tabata Intervals

There are times when work or school is too busy and you can only get about fifteen minutes of exercise. It is these times that you can do the tabata interval training protocol.

This type of interval training has been around for a while and was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata. He was a Japanese sports scientist from the Japan National Institute of Fitness and Sports. Tabata reviewed some high level endurance athletes and created the Tabata interval training system. This system is designed to increase your V02 max very quickly. Simply put, your V02 max is the maximum capacity at which your body uses and transports oxygen during exercise. Simply put, the higher your VO2, the fitter you will be. Fitness and conditioning are very important in judo because you can wear down your opponent and make them easier to throw.

Tabata intervals are really simple training sessions. All you do is perform:

– 5 minute warm-up
– 20 seconds of an exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
– Repeat 8 times
– 2-5 minutes of cooling

This type of training protocol is designed to be performed using a full-body exercise such as deadlifts, box jumps, burpees, sprints, bodyweight squats, or sprawls. It can also be done on a rowing machine, exercise bike or treadmill. The idea is that in the 20 seconds of exercise you must give 110% in the 8 series. For those who have never performed Tabatas before, I recommend doing it under professional supervision. For beginners, I recommend starting on a stationary bike, elliptical, or rowing machine.

These intervals can be great to do in judo and can be done with so many different drills and drills like speed uchikomi, power uchikomi, ne waza transitions, kumi kata and nage komi.

One of my favorite Tabata intervals that I do with my club is getting someone big and strong to hold down their opponent in Kesa gatame, Tate shiho Gatame, or Mune Gatame. From here, the person below must try to escape through the bottom. This exercise will make the bottom person completely exhausted, but it will not only improve his exhaust but also his anaerobic endurance.

Tabata intervals should be performed by experienced trainers as it is a very intense form of exercise and can seriously injure an untrained person. Make sure you have a proper warm-up and are hydrated before attempting Tabata Intervals. I have a video on YouTube of me performing Tabata intervals while jumping twice below.