Human scientists will soon create a virtual reality experience that will replace the experience of life

Okay, the big question is not: is there a god? No longer, the question is now; Why did our ancestors create this world so that we can play in it, this virtual reality world, one that we could call the human life experience ‘where you, me and everyone you know live their lives? Yes, I am talking about the philosophical puzzle that we all live in a simulation, like a super sophisticated video game. So are we living in a simulation? It’s hard to say and we don’t know for sure, but there are many reasons why we should consider this concept.

Not long ago, I was talking to a technologist about this, he pointed out that at the rate we are going, we will soon create a “second life” so real that it will be like life, so real, maybe you prefer to live in that. Good point and I replied:

Exactly, so it doesn’t matter if we are now living in a virtual reality or not, because in the future we WILL, it only makes sense, as humanity works to stay in the game indefinitely, live forever, in any way to continue its current type of consciousness without fully understanding what exactly it is or how exactly it works.

The technologist told me that his daughter just completed her graduate degree in Computer Science and Computer-Brain Interfaces. Well I’d say your daughter is in the right place at the right time. Maybe they call it VR2 (virtual reality II). The first VR world is where we live now in simulation, and VR-2 is a game within a game that we created on our own, sure it’s a little different for now, but it will be quite robust and it will look like it’s a reality. – like the Biosphere II project, the Earth is biosphere I.

In fact, I cannot foresee a future in which we do not believe that world, that is, “IF” human technology continues, as humans could condemn themselves to repeat past history, once again losing and so on. forgetting more than we have known? Oh. I guess that’s how Arthur C. Clarke put it: Humans are mostly harmless, except to themselves. Somehow I think humanity will mutter along with false starts, mistakes and eventually get there. It is an interesting species, there are many in its favor and many not.

Are we living in a simulation? It’s hard to prove yes or no on that, but rest assured that in the future we surely will be, and there is a whole new world if we are willing to accept it. Think about this.