How to Advance Through the IBJJF Kids Rank Belts

Advance Through the IBJJF Kids Rank Belts

The IBJJF Kids Rank Belts are worn by children ages 4 and up that are training Jiu Jitsu in an IBJJF affiliated academy. There are different color belts in the BJJ kids ranks that are awarded based on a student’s technical ability and their progress towards reaching a blue belt which is an adult ranking.

The kids graduation system differs from the adults as it has more colored belts and offers faster promotions between those levels compared to the adult rankings. This is to encourage kids to stick with the program as they progress through it and see their effort pay off as they earn stripes on their belt which in turn will get them promoted to the next level.

As a kid starts their journey on the mats they begin as white belts regardless of their age or prior experience in other martial arts. This is the minimum requirement to begin learning BJJ and it gives them the foundation for their advancement. Depending on how much time they spend at their Academy and how much they train outside of class will determine how quickly they are able to advance through the kids ranks.

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Once a child has reached the gray belt group (also known as grey and white) it typically takes around 6 months to earn their first stripe on their belt. This will mark the beginning of their transition into the colored belt ranks and it will signal to instructors that they are ready for more challenging drills and exercises.

How to Advance Through the IBJJF Kids Rank Belts

At this point it is recommended that they are paired with an instructor that can help them improve their technique and learn the nuances of advancing to a higher level in BJJ. It’s also at this stage that they will start to develop strategies on the mats, thinking several moves ahead of them while rolling and preparing for various scenarios during training sessions.

By the time a kid reaches the orange group (also known as yellow and brown) they will have been training for between four and six years. They will have a large number of tools in their grappling toolbox and they will be focused on developing their skill set by practicing techniques with more precision and flowing from one move to the next while rolling.

Once they reach the green belt group (the highest kids rank) it typically takes another 12 to 16 months to earn their first stripe on their green belt. The process of earning their stripe on the green belt is a reflection of their dedication and studiousness in training.

At this stage they will have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of BJJ and are ready to take their skills to new heights in competition. Whether they compete or not this is the time to really fine tune their techniques and prepare for the possibility of advancing to the black belt group (which can be earned at the age of 16). The IBJJF requires that a student earn a black belt before they can become an IBJJF Blue Belt.