High-End Kitchen Remodel: Popular Appliances, Lighting, and More

When it’s time to remodel their home, most homeowners opt for the kitchen first. It makes sense: remodeling the kitchen will give them the most return on investment should they decide to sell the house. And high-end kitchen remodeling does exactly that, but those preparing to undertake a high-end kitchen remodel should consider all of their options so they receive the best possible job.

Before talking about what is popular with these types of protections, I want to emphasize that the most important thing for any owner is to have ready-made drawings and plans. The reason is that you and your contractor don’t want to design it after the kitchen is trashed. Our company and many others use 3D rendering to design what the final job will look like, and this is a great tool for any remodel.

cabinets and appliances

  • Factory-finished furniture or cabinets are very popular right now, as opposed to anything that’s finished on-site. Once the product is received, all you have to do is install it and voila!
  • For those who like to bake a bit, you will find a built-in double oven the best cooking solution. These come in a variety of combinations such as standard two ovens, standard and microwave and more.
  • Many today like their refrigerator to be flush with the countertops. However, this will add additional expenses. If you want a counter-depth refrigerator, expect to pay an extra $500-$2,500 due to the need for the special compressor system to accommodate the counter-depth.
  • When looking at color options, remember to opt for combinations that provide contrast.

Turning on

  • Recessed LED lights, thanks to their energy efficiency, are being used in many kitchens in the country. You can expect to initially add $30 to $50 per light for the bulbs, but they will soon pay for themselves in the energy they save.
  • Accent lighting is also popular. This type of lighting goes under or over the cabinets, giving the kitchen another nice lighting effect.
  • Under-counter lighting is also important to homeowners, and options range from xenon, fluorescent, LED, puck, and more. Some under-counter lights will require a transformer to be installed, so be sure to check out all of your options.

Countertops, sinks and backsplashes

  • Homeowners are looking for countertops that are maintenance free. Because of this, many opt for quartz countertops as they are maintenance free and long lasting.
  • For sinks, many choose to install an Insta Hot, which provides the user with instant hot water.
  • Pot fillers, stovetop faucets for filling containers for boiling water, are popular because they make boiling water easier.

No matter what you choose, make sure the end result is something you can be happy with. The kitchen is yours, so make it something that speaks to you and yours.