Health tips for children in winter

With winters come the flu, cough, fever, and all those nasty illnesses. All winter fun is ruined when your kids are sick. There are several reasons why children are more vulnerable to getting sick faster than adults and one of them is their weak immune systems. Children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, are sensitive and need extra care. Here in this post, I am going to tell you five ways to protect your children in winters.

1. Give them enough sleep
When winters come, children get excited and hyperactive. They just want to go out and play in the snow or with the school playground equipment. Just like other seasons, your little ones also need the right amount of sleep in winter to stay healthy.

What’s more, our body inevitably needs more sleep when days get shorter and nights get longer. However, children need it more than adults, so get enough sleep during winters.

2. Keep them hydrated
Children generally do not feel thirsty during winters, but their bodies need enough water to stay hydrated and function properly. Children almost forget to drink water all day and this makes them sick very quickly. Keep a 1.5 bottle for each child and ask them to finish it for you during the day. Make it a challenge for them and promise chocolates or their favorite snacks for the one who finishes first.

3. Seasonal foods
Nature provides us with food according to seasonal demands. These fruits are given to us by nature in accordance with seasonal requirements. With the cold breeze outside in winters, we need to stay warm inside and these foods do that for us. All foods should be cooked before eating to get the best taste and nutritional intake. Your little ones will be healthy and warm and their energy reserves will be filled if you give them food in season.

4. Additional vitamins
Although vitamins are needed throughout the year, they are required in greater amounts during winters, when illnesses are likely to attract each other because the immune system functions at a slow rate. Vitamins, especially vitamin D, help strengthen children’s immune systems, which, in turn, helps fight disease. Give them enough exposure to sunlight or vitamin D3 supplements to cover the deficiency. Additionally, vitamin C is also necessary to strengthen the immune system, so be sure to feed vitamin-rich foods in winters.

5. Wash your hands
It is not just for winters, but for all times of the year. However, you have to be strict in winters due to cold and flu, and your children are likely to attract infections. Make it your habit and don’t allow them near the dining room table if they don’t wash their hands, especially if they were playing on the playground structures. When you teach them to wash their hands, also tell them why and why it is important.

So, are you ready to protect your kids from infection this winter by following the tips above?