Free Satellite TV, Free Installation – What’s Next?

Satellite systems used to cost a fortune, but in today’s world you can get one for free when you meet certain requirements. The two main satellite television providers, “DISH and DIRECTV”, have more than 35 million subscribers combined.

For many years, consumers have turned to cable companies for a low-cost alternative like Satellite. The industry really began to move away from cable and towards satellite when these companies began giving away equipment in exchange for a service commitment. Satellite television has experienced double digit growth for many years, while introducing new products such as digital video recorders, high definition and mobile television.

The fact is that satellite television has a picture that is always clear and sharp. To stay ahead of the competition, these companies have consistently added channels and content year after year to help grow their audience.

While every good product has peaks and valleys, satellite TV is still in peaks with millions of new customers signing up year after year. While most people want to get the best deal possible, there are companies and individuals who do not disclose information and offer nothing in return other than a headache. Don’t fall for these scams, be sure to research the company you are buying from as many online advertisements seem to offer to the world just to get your business.

Here are some things to consider before ordering:

  • Get a company background check with the Better Business Bureau
  • Talk to a live representative when possible
  • Request certifications
  • Ask about insurance limitations
  • Hidden charges
  • Activation fees

Any legitimate business will be able to produce these documents on demand. Trust me, no one wants to sign up for the service to find out that they’ve been scammed. Be sure to ask about activation fees, hidden charges, and cancellation penalties.

What happens when I order online?

When you order online, you should receive an offer to lease the equipment and receive a free standard installation in exchange for a service commitment. Free common equipment upgrades include: digital video recorders and HD receivers, while your programming discounts may include: a discount for 12 months or more, free premium movie channels, access to thousands of movies and TV shows on demand, plus the ability to watch shows on the go.

You can request a specific day and time for your installation. Most retailers should be able to go out and install and activate their system in one visit. Scheduling can occur the next day when requested. A retailer should be able to define an arrival window in a couple of hours, not like larger companies that only specify a date and then specify the morning or afternoon.