Edgar Cayce Cough Cure

I found this amazing cough cure in one of my mom’s old Edgar Cayce books. For those who do not know, Edgar Cayce was a famous psychic who, while in a trance, could make various predictions and diagnose various diseases in people.

Being a sick child (and from a family of smokers), he was prone to chest colds, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throats. While searching for ways to improve my health, I found this cough cure from one of Edgar Cayce’s trance transcriptions.

The formula consists of: One whole ripe lemon One egg white One tablespoon of honey Beat the egg white until it rises on its own. Then mix it in a glass with the juice of the whole lemon and the honey. Take a tablespoon every 15 minutes. This will probably cover around 1.5 hours. After about 30 minutes to an hour, I would find myself coughing up some nasty stuff. But usually it will clear your throat and get rid of the pain in a couple of hours. Sometimes if I feel like my throat is going to be sore, I mix up a batch of this cure and get quick relief.

Now, generally speaking, coughs and sore throats are the result of a toxic system. A good follow-up to the Cayce formula is to induce a bowel movement, like an enema or colonic, and work up a little sweat. I found that this can get rid of a sore throat and cough within an hour. A bit extreme for most people. But it’s better than staying in bed all week. For some people, removing mucus from foods like milk, sugar, salt, and wheat greatly reduces the onset of cough and sore throat.