Country Properties

English country houses are ideal for people who like to retire to the peace and serenity of their own country estates. Over the past 500 years, the country house has evolved. However, they have still maintained a casual elegance or sophistication enjoyed by many UK residents. Due to the recent housing crisis, customers are finding affordable homes for less than they would normally sell for. Surprisingly, there are also numerous multi-million dollar mansions and estates for sale.

Many of the country houses in the UK are ideal places for fox hunting, polo, picnicking and relaxing. Some of the farms exceed 700 acres or more. This particular estate is being sold for £12.3 million and has two two-bedroom cottages, a four-bedroom guest house, a cottage and a three-bedroom bungalow. The lawn is immaculately manicured and the interior is tastefully designed with farmhouse decor.

Of course, this house is almost castle-like in its style. This house may have several different wings, a Great Room, and kitchens with numerous fireplaces and ovens. This particular house has eight bedrooms and numerous spaces for the family to enjoy.

While property is plentiful in the UK, there are other properties available for sale as well. House plan styles include: Tudor, Queen Ann, Victorian, Gothic, and Shingle. These houses may be made of brick, stone, or stucco. Beautiful Dutch doors, steep gables or sloped roofs are characteristic of the houses in this area. Many of the houses also feature prominent chimneys and wooden structures.

Worcestershire is a popular location in England for country houses and properties for sale. Many of these estate houses are in excess of £1.2 million. The Turret House in Hampton Lovett is one such house. When this house was initially purchased the owner paid £1000 in 1891. The house has appreciated significantly ever since.

Other properties in the UK countryside have houses located on them worth £1.75 million. These homes have more than eight bedrooms located on almost 10 acres of property. The residents of the houses enjoy the beautiful views of the Teme Valley.

Unfortunately for homeowners, there has been a 20-25% drop in the price of country homes since 2007. However, this has been favorable for buyers looking to buy a home at a good price. Many Georgian country houses can be bought in sought after areas such as Worchester, Cheltenham and Malvern at affordable prices. These areas are coveted because they have excellent school systems. In 2007 house prices would have been between £2m and £3m. Experts recommend buying now, as home prices are low.