Acrodermatitis: causes, symptoms and treatment

These days skin disorders have become very common. Many people are affected by them.

Acrodermatysis is a skin disorder. It includes the growth of abrasions on the skin that occur only for a short time. These abrasions can be caused by various parts of the body including the back, upper chest, arms, back, and thighs. This disease also has the other name of Grover’s disease.

The disease can cause a problem when sweating occurs. In fact, abrasions also have burns that include fluid. These burns actually occur in groups and are also characterized by a red border. So, patients also feel that their skin itches due to these burns and abrasions.

Although anyone can get this disease, it usually occurs in men over the age of 50. Women are less likely to get it. The disease can disappear within a year or two of its onset. The disease simply begins to occur without any precursors. So, it starts with the development of such scratchy spots. Most of the time, burns are also accompanied by excessive skin growth. Although the cause of this disease has not been found so far, it occurs due to the impact of burns on the skin. Even a person who has been advised to rest in bed may experience a higher incidence of this disease which is not recommended.

There are many cures for this disease. It is important that the ailment be treated patiently. Losing your patience can cause problems because it leads to more sweating. More sweating will only cause the rash to proliferate. Since the most rampant cause is overexposure to heat, when the skin cools down, the disease can disappear. So, sit in an air-conditioned room so that the sweat ducts are released. Its blockage is one of the causes of the disease. Creams like cortisone creams can control small skin rashes. But, major rashes can only be cured by taking a tetracycline pill. A person suffering from this ailment should avoid going out in the sun.

A very unique form of acrodermatitis occurs when zinc is not properly sucked out of food consumed by a person. So a person can get rid of acrodermatitis when supplementing with zinc in the diet. Due to the lack of absorption of zinc, in addition to dermatitis, other types of skin disorders can also occur. Acrodermatitis can be caused by other types of infections. For example, in Italy, children get this disease when they already have hepatitis B. However, this type of association between hepatitis B and this disease is absent in the US This disease can be caused by a virus called Epstein virus -Barr.

Sometimes this disorder is also accompanied by a fever. A skin biopsy test is also performed to find out the patient’s condition. It can reveal whether a person has scratches on the skin due to this ailment or not.